FOXO4-dri (Proxofim) 5MG

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FOXO4-dri (proxofim)

FOXO4-dri peptide mainly works by removing these ‘senescent cells’ that have outlived their usefulness. The most effective senolytic agent to date; ceases the communication of cells with p53 genes and conveys signals that the cell is damaged and needs to be cleared by autophagy. Stem cells produce new cells after the death of old cells. More individual cells replace the older ones culminating in better functioning and longer lives. 

FOXO4-DRI peptide functions by removing certain senescent cells (damaged, decaying cells that have completed their cell division process and get in the way of new cell division of other cells and tend to have a spreading effect on surrounding cells).

     This senolytic agent ceases the signals between cells and p53 genes which encourages autophagy ( removal of decaying and non functioning cells). In mice studies, the mice showed an improvement across a large range of health factors for many bodily organs, like the brain, kidney, skin, liver and will enhance the process of autophagy of cells. The anti-aging benefits that have been described (although mostly anecdotal), are very exciting and many common diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes in addition to some heart conditions show improvement upon the administration of Foxo4-dri (Proxofim).